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We view the instruments in your Institution as ASSETS and know its importance. You would definitely agree, that your institution is rated mainly based on the laboratory assets. It is y(our) responsibility to maintain them by servicing in frequent intervals. Periodical checkups and servicing reduces the incidence of breakdown and increase the life span of your expensive equipments.

We respect your investment towards lab equipments which are quite expensive, but not in frequent intervals. You would agree that, when the instruments are maintained properly - Indirectly means your further investment towards same lab equipments are postponed for atleast few years.

We Rainbow Bio-Medical Engineers, having competent, qualified and experienced engineers provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), at reasonable and rational charges Imagine, if your assets are well maintained and your further investments towards the same instruments are postponed, at such a low cost. Interesting, Is' nt it? . Please call our executive for an exciting offer.

Comprehensive AMC

This AMC includes the spare parts for the instruments under maintenance for one year.

Non Comprehensive AMC

This AMC excludes the spare parts for the instruments under maintenance

Service on Call

Servicing an instrument on breakdown, when not under AMC